Undiscovered Recordings is a London and Naples based independent record label founded in 1994. Showcasing new and exciting production talent, Undiscovered was founded by a crack team of music industry experts, the two Angelos, Doug and Mario, in the midst of the dance music movement of the 1990s.

The Angelos met while working at UMM and Flying Records, founding Undiscovered allowed them to move away from the traditional dance music of the time and to highlight lesser known artists and styles. Angelo Tardio, in-house A&R, capitalised from his trail-blazing DJ and production career as Kwanzaa Posse, where he collaborated with huge talents such as Mano Negra, Manu Chao, King Chango, MC Solaar and Les Negresses Vertes, to name just a few, as well as Doug Osborne, English DJ & Producer and co-founder. Angelo Bernardo brought his years of experience in the music industry to take over the business side of the company, and Mario Nicoletti came on board as a true living musical encyclopaedia and expert. Alberto Faggiana joined in 1998 to contribute his industry know-how to curate the legal and administrative aspects. And so the Undiscovered team was complete.

In 1995, in an explosive start, Undiscovered’s first recording, the iconic Dreamer by Livin’ Joy, reached No.1 in the U.K Singles Charts, with the next four Livin’ Joy singles also making the Top 20.

In 1999, Undiscovered moved into the acquisition of masters and then expanded further by branching into compilations and albums, as well as exploring new genres of music away from the traditional dance they had dealt with up until that time. The label brought out a series of themed compilations with influences from world music such as nu-jazz, bossa, rap, and house, which have been distributed and played worldwide, with the Ibiza series gaining major popularity in the expanding Ibiza afterhours/lounge market.

Undiscovered has since moved with the times, from classic dance genres into Balearic chill-out, all the while maintaining its goals to showcase emerging producers and artists.  After a brief hiatus, the Undiscovered team are back in full force, bringing you the best in new Undiscovered artists and exploring exciting new avenues in music.